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Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy is a fully open acces, peer-reviewed journal that aspires to publish articles relevant to surgery, surgical oncology as well as surgical endoscopy from researchers worldwide. The journal accepts research articles, review-articles, case reports, letters to the editors, study protocols and “How I do it” submissions. We also publish submissions that accompany educational videos which are published on our official YouTube site.

S&SE is the official Journal of the Slovenian Society of Endoscopic Surgery.

All manuscripts must be accompanied by a signed authorship declaration form. Instructions for authors, instructions for submitting videos, authorship declaration form and the description of the peer review process can be found below.

Instructions for authors

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Tomaž Jagrič
Jan Grosek

Technical Editor
Hana Zavrtanik

Editorial Board
Matej Cimerman, Vojko Flis, Štefan Grosek, Tine Hajdinjak, Simon Hawlina, Bojan Krebs, Gregor Norčič, Stojan Potrč, Peter Popovič, Tomaž Smrkolj, Tomaž Štupnik, Aleš Tomažič, Blaž Trotovšek.

Printed by: Tiskarna Januš d.o.o., Sternadova ulica 12, 1210 Ljubljana-Šentvid, Slovenija
Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy is indexed and abstracted in: Digitalna knjižnica Slovenije (dLib).

ISSN of the print version: 2591-2275, ISSN of the online version: 2670-5443.



Letter from the Editor

Surgery is one of the oldest and one of the most respected traits of medicine. Surgeons have always been forced to face the challenging and unrewarding diseases and they have been forced to find ever new ways of treatment. The need to effectively treat these diseases has fueled the development of surgery. From its modest beginnings, the development of intensive care medicine, anesthesiology, pharmacology, and not the last the enormous development of technology, has allowed the modern surgical practice to take shape. The vast technological innovations we witnessed enabled the development of endoscopy, interventional radiology, the minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery. These were able to reduce surgical trauma and further push the boundaries of surgery to its limits. The complexity of surgical approaches, treatment of surgical complications, quenching of the surgical trauma and better functional results are the offspring of new minimally invasive aspects of surgery. At the foundation of all this development was the desire to help the wellbeing of the humankind. All this progress could not have come to be unless dedicated surgeons would continuously be involved in research and publish their work in medical journals. The research journals are the most fertile ground for new ideas and approaches, but more importantly, the fundamental mean of spreading new techniques, approaches and ideas amongs fellow collegues. Therefore their existence could be seen as the most vital conductor of the surgical development. The Journal Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy is a small link in a chain in the progress of surgical sciences. It is a journal intended for international community from the field of surgery, surgical oncology and surgical endoscopy. In the journal interested authors will be able to publish articles in the form of original papers, review articles, case reports, short communications, letters to editor and comments. It is our firm belief that the contributions of surgeons, endoscopists, invasive radiologist and researchers to the journal Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy will have a positive impact on surgical community worldwide. We also believe that our authors and readers feel the same and will help us achieve our goals with their work and support. It is therefore our honor to present you the first issue of our Journal of Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy.

Assist. Prof. Tomaž Jagrič, MD PhD

Beginning of a new journal

Endoscopy Journal (Slovene – Endoskopska revija) was first issued in 1996 by Section for Endoscopic Surgery of Slovenian Medical Society. Two volumes yearly were published, until cessation in 2012. Reasons for the latter could probably be found in financial issues, lack of enthusiasm and also lack of professional interest to publish articles. Above all, the quality of submitted manuscripts is what constitutes a good journal.

In 2017, new presidency of Slovenian Society for Endoscopic Surgery was elected and thus a question of publishing our own journal was soon raised. Do we actually need our own journal? Should we resurrect the old one or start anew? Unfavourable working conditions in our public health system are often further complicated by vast bureaucracy. Nevertheless, despite the negative media image of Slovenian physicians and public belittling of our work, some enthusiasts still exist among us. They focus their efforts in introducing novel treatment methods, carry out research work and even initiate a professional surgery journal.

We have decided to start a new journal – Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy. Although endoscopic surgery has penetrated into all fields of abdominal surgery, further development is constantly taking place. Robotic surgery is at its full swing, as is transanal total mesocolic rectum excision and usage of indocyanine green dye in laparoscopic or open surgery. Hopefully, our journal will further spread the necessary knowledge and improve our clinical work.

The name of our new journal points the main idea behind it – publishing manuscripts about endoscopic as well as open surgery. Editorial board, led by chief editors Jan Grosek and Tomaž Jaglič, is optimistic that by choosing English as the main language the journal will achieve international recognition in time.

We are aware that beginnings are always difficult, but hopefully, other surgeons will recognise our efforts. Long term success of the journal depends not only on the editorial board but also on our readers. Only you, publishing in Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy and reading it, can contribute to this. Sponsors and donations are also needed and we are working hard to attract as many of them as possible. I sincerely wish for a common success of us all.

Assoc. Prof. Aleš Tomažič, MD PhD