Volume 1, Issue 2
October 2019

  • The role of minimally invasive pancreatic surgery (Zavrtanik H, Tomažič A)

  • Proximal row carpectomy: comparing pre- and postoperative wrist status (Semprimožnik K)

  • Laparoscopic appendectomies at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana (Neudauer U, Štor Z)

  • Treatment of acute diverticulitis at the Department of Abdominal and General Surgery of University Medical Centre Maribor during a 5-year interval – a retrospective cohort study (Krebs B, Šumah H)

  • Laparoscopic-endoscopic cooperative surgery for a non-ampullary duodenal neuroendocrine tumor after incomplete endoscopic resection (Jagrič T)

  • Soft tissue coverage of a heel skin defect in a pediatric patient (Matelič A, Semprimožnik K)

  • Laparoscopic insertion of a pelvic tissue expander to prevent radiation enteritis prior to radiotherapy for sacral metastasis of alveolar maxillary rhabdomyosarcoma: a case report (Omejc A, Vegan L, Omejc M)

  • Near-infrared indocyanine-green fluorescence imaging for lymphatic mapping in colorectal cancer (Grosek J)

Volume 1, Supplement 1
May 2019







Volume 1, Issue 1
January 2019

  • The importance of preoperative tatooing before laparoscopic surgery (Štor Z)

  • The impact of the modification of the laparoscopic lymphadenectomy technique on the extent of the lymphadenectomy in laparoscopically operated gastric cancer patients. A single center study (Jagrič T)

  • Surgical technique for providing a peritoneal dialysis access at University medical center Ljubljana (Janež J)

  • Acute calculous cholecystitis with complications in octogenarians: is laparoscopic cholecystectomy the method of choice? (Petrič M, Badovinac D, Pintar T, Tomažič A)

  • Surgical management of ulcerative colitis – a short review and a retrospective analysis of our experience at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana (Badovinac D, Grosek J, Tomažič A)

  • Is laparoscopic resection of hepatocellular carcinoma feasible? (Djokić M, Alič M, Petrič M, Stanisavljević D, Trotovšek B)